The Do-Over.

The Do-Over.

What would you do, If you could do it again?

When you hear that, I bet you think of redoing your childhood, teenage years, relationships etc. But what if it was from this exact point in your life? With everything taken from you; career, friends, family and everything you know to be familiar.

So let me rephrase that; who would you become if you lost it all? But here is the twist, you’re in a new country and you do not speak the language. What would you do? I know the uplifting thing to say is that you will pull your britches up and get to learn your new residence, immerse yourself in the culture, and all that jazz…

But here is the reality of it; You become depressed, cry unexpectedly, gain employment just to end up having a meltdown in your new bosses office, yelling through tears and snot that you don’t want to be in this fucking place and you want to go back home! You miss your kids, mother, and the familiarity of the palm trees. Then end up quitting due to embarrassment. What a fun day that was.

So now what?

The first step is to recognize that you need time to mourn, to grieve for your past life. But most of all decided to recognize and accept the blessing and the opportunity to do it again. The best part is; now your old enough to do it the right way because of age and all the lessons life has thought you.

There are no mistakes in life and no coincidences, I strongly believe that life prepares you for every lesson has led up to a big change. I remember in 2016 I was sitting with a friend and I said: “I feel like I am waiting for something, but I don’t know what it is.” Huh, if you guys only knew how that worked out. #seriescomingsoon