Use It Or Lose It

Did you know, your clitoris shrinks from lack of use!

What is clitoral atrophy? 

The clitoris is a nub of spongy tissue at the front of the vagina. Recent research reveals that much of the clitoris is internal, having 4-inch roots that reach into the vagina. When sexually aroused it fills with blood, and the bundle of nerves in the tissue becomes sensitive to touch.Clitoral atrophy occurs when the clitoris stops responding to sexual arousal and no longer functions as it should. The clitoris can even disappear. This may be the result of a change in hormones or inadequate blood flow to the vagina and clitoris.

The Dilemma…

So I recall someone who hasn’t had sex in 3 years, 6 months, 13 days, and 8hrs 32 minutes, not that she’s counting. What’s a girl to do? I wasn’t planning on not having sex this long but shit happens, time passes, and now my clit may disappear?! Alright, sexual activities have been lacking. Maybe every two hot girl summers or so but time passes, almost 4 years, I am not as free as I once was, and I’m unsure if it is age or just lack of interest. Nothing like starting over to kill your sex drive, but that’s for another time lol.

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